Best Alternativa company is an importer and manufacturer of high-quality rice from Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Cambodia. All types of rice have necessary quality certificates in compliance with Ukrainian legislation.


Our company packages different rice varieties of both medium and premium quality packed in PP film, which comes in a cardboard box (boiling plastic bags), in a package of 2 kg (small bucket) and 5kg (PP Bags). We strive to improve the health of our customers by providing them with high-quality rice, which is imported from around the world. Our product range includes: rice noodles, rice vermicelli, rice pasta, rice flour, rice bran oil, different types of Ukrainian cereals.

The “only-the-best-for-our-customers” principle is the key to success of Best Alternativa company. Rice packaging is carried out using automated equipment, that has a hygienic certificate issued by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. A distinctive feature of our products is a consistent product quality. All the employees received the necessary training on industrial safety, attended seminars and became experts in their respective fields. The company has received certificates of ISO22000: 2005, ISO22000-2009 (PAS 220) and management systems certificates in compliance with FSSC2200: 2005 (ISO22000 + PAS220).

The company has its own laboratory. The company’s manufacturing engineer is continuously monitoring the quality of products according to HASP requirements. We pay a great deal of attention to our customers starting from the beginning of store-brand project until the final stages of purchasing (service merchandising, sales tracking). Promptly respond to all comments and wishes of the client.

Production facility is located in Vyshgorod district of Kiev region, which guarantees fast delivery across Kiev and the whole region. We have a distribution centre in Kharkov where all products are shipped to the eastern region from.

Since 2009, our company has been working with major retail chains, producing number of private labels. We package rice and cereals in soft packs (blocks) in a cardboard box (boiling plastic bag), rice vermicelli, noodles and spaghetti for national networks Metro, Fozzy-Food, Ukrainian Retail, Barvinok, Eco-Market, Market Alliance. Best Alternativa company is ready to cooperate with alternative distribution networks in all regions of Ukraine and in Russia. Minimum order quantity is 5 tons.

In 2014, Best Alternativa company started production of unrefined, cold pressed sunflower oil, walnut oil, pumpkin seeds oil, flax seeds oil, mustard seeds oil, sea buckthorn oil. We are highly interested in production of oil as a private label for retail chains.



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