Brown rice

рис натурал 5кгIt is also called brown rice. It is unpolished, peeled only from the husk. It is the least processed type of rice and at the same time it is the most valuable rice in terms of nutritional value. While processing, natural rice preserves the nutritional bran coat and that explains its unusual and light brown colour. It is much healthier than white rice because the lion's share of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and cellulose are contained in grain coat.
    Being cooked, rice “Natural” has a slightly viscous structure, excellent taste and a slightly nutty smell.


Parboild rice

Steaming - a special technology to improve the qualitative characteristics of rice, since this 80% of the vitamins and minerals contained in the bran shell saved and grains themselves become less brittle.
Paddy rice is soaked in water and then treated with hot steam under pressure. After that, the grain is dried and sanded to high-technology equipment. Processed rice grains become uniform amber hue. Yellowish tint rice Parboild disappears when cooking, and it becomes a snow-white, as white polished rice.

Long grain rice

Long grain rice - a figure that has passed all stages of polishing. 
Its grains have a flat and smooth surface, typical snow-white color and translucency. The content of vitamins and minerals, white rice or parboiled brown loses rice, but he is the main type of rice consumed worldwide.
The cooking time of the rice 18-20 minutes and ready-made meals from white rice have excellent taste and appearance vidom.Pri manufacture the rice with 5% polygonal grains.

Basmati rice

Basmati rice is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India and Pakistan in the areas bordering it. The word "Basmati" in Hindi means "fragrant".It is believed that the unique taste and aroma of the white long grain rice shall characteristics of soil, climate and even the air in the region. Basmati rice has a high solid content and amylase almost dry texture. Raw grain long and thin. In the preparation of grain basmati rice increased by more than twice. In the east, rice is often prepared in conjunction with a variety of spices, particularly saffron. Rice, cooked Basmati rice has a specific, unique flavor. This figure serves as an independent side dish. Adding to the dish rice oil WR, you will feel the unique taste. World's rice provides a choice, offering consumers Basmati from India and Pakistan.During cooking Basmati rice increases in length. It is often prepared with the king of spices - saffron.


Jasmine Rice

In Thailand grow fragrant long grain white rice Jasmine.
This variety of rice is classified as elite, along with rice "Basmati". Due to the special climate, as well as the technology of growing jasmine rice has a unique taste and delicate milky flavor. It is widely used in cooking Oriental cuisine, especially in the kitchen of Southeast Asia. When cooking rice grains Jasmine little stick together, but maintain their ideal shape and become dazzling white. For this purpose, fragrant rice varieties most suitable cooking method "under the hood".