Rice Flour

It is not without reason that oriental cuisine is gaining in popularity among European and  Ukrainian gourmets. Dishes of Asia are one of the best examples of the fact that delicious food  may be healthy primarily because of increased use of rice flour; in the east rice flour is used for  cooking a variety of treats, cakes and sauces.

 In the rice flour there is silicon, which contribute to the process of metabolism in the human body.  In addition, it contains a large amount of biotin, as well as other micronutrient elements, which  have important medical and biological significance.

Buckwheat flour

Buckwheat flour is firmly and worthily settled in dietary nutrition, having high nutritive value, good digestibility and excellent taste. A distinctive feature of buckwheat flour World’s Rice is the absence of GLUTEN in its composition. Our flouris made ofbuckwheatthat goes through additional purification. Furthermore, buckwheat flour contains a lot of fibres and very little amount of fats–so it is often used for dietary dishes. Buckwheat flour is a very valuable and important product for those people who always adhereto a balanced and healthy diet.


Brown rice flour "Worlds rice" - Gluten-free product.

Brown rice - it is unpolished, peeled only from the husk. It is the least processed type of rice and at the same time it is the most valuable rice in terms of nutritional value.


Extrusion rice flour, 0,9 kg

Extrusion rice flour in a paper bag
Expiration date: 12 months
Country of origin: Thailand
Made in Ukraine